Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE RED 3D Carbon Fibre Fiber Skin Wrap Decal Sticker Cover Protector by EasySkinz

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Textured CARBON Fibre Skin - RED

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     Our Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE 3D Textured Red Carbon Skin is made from the world's finest materials, entirely under our control, and it aims to meet your very highest quality expectations; With its unbeatable fit, premium finish and attention to detail, this skin looks more like a real paint on your device. Surprise everyone around you with unique Galaxy S7 EDGE.

      It’s never been easier to stand out of the crowd. We have a wide variety of colours and textures to choose from. All you have to do is choose your favourite one.

What's included?

1x FULL BODY skin for Samsung Galaxy S7 (front, rear, sides, top & bottom)

Note: In the pictures above, we show you how the design appears applied on the phone. The pictures you see are real photographs of the actual product (the skin).

A few more reasons to choose EasySkinz:

  • 100% brand new, manufactured for you;
  • All skins are produced by us. We're not resellers;
  • Made of the world's top EU/USA materials with real textures (not printed);
  • Fashionable design, easy to put on and to take off with no sticky marks;
  • Ultra High Precision Tangential Cutting technology;
  • Ultimate Air Release technology for Bubble-Free application;
  • Superior scratch protection;
  • Made and designed by EasySkinz in Great Britain;
      The EasySkinz Story

           EasySkinz began with one simple premise: attractive wraps that keep the original design and style of the device. The idea started as a family reaction against the bulky and unattractive cases on the market which hid the essence of the devices and rapidly grew to a successful family business shipping its products to 140 countries a month. With a professional background of more than 27 years in the design industry, EasySkinz is now a leader in manufacturing the highest quality skins and meeting the needs of more than 300,000 customers all over the world.

      EasySkinz - products 

          We are at the forefront of the UK and the USA custom, made-to-order skin manufacturing market and we produce the most advanced tailor-made skins for smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and game consoles. Our products blend high-quality protection from scratches, dents, dust, and wear-out and attractive tailor-made design without adding any bulk.

           At EasySkinz we keep the original design of the device while we add individuality to it. With our wraps you will always stand out from the crowd with a new colour or a picture that resonates with your favourite outfit, styling, or car colour. With EasySkinz it is almost impossible to see another person with the same wrap as yours. Our professional designers put their hearts into creating new forms, designs, and ways of application and this makes our skins exclusive for every model.


      "How did you get a blue iPhone X? There isn’t such a colour?”
      With EasySkinz there is!


           Our mission is to make skins that fit your device flawlessly because we know there is no better feeling than having a protected phone while still enjoying its original design.


           Phones are an inseparable part of everyone’s life nowadays. This is why it is essential that your phone is dressed in quality clothes which will not discredit it anywhere.

      Life is too short for unattractive phone wraps. Order your unique skin now 


      EasySkinz - the Company


           Ever since 2014 when we launched this company, we have adhered to one principle - quality. At EasySkinz we take care of the whole production process - from tailoring the design of the skins, to manufacturing the products in our own factory in the United Kingdom, to packaging and delivering them to our clients in any part of the world. All our products are 100% manufactured in the UK - unlike our competitors we do not work with third parties or vendors and this guarantees our first-class production and delivery.

           What’s more, we utilise some of the most expensive and high-quality materials which contain specially developed, almost invisible, micro air channels that allow for the easy application on rounded or difficult to access parts of the device without leaving air bubbles.

           At EasySkinz quality comes first. We do not try to be the first to release wraps for new models because we never compromise on quality. Instead, we work hard to make wraps that are impeccable to the smallest detail. And this is what differs us from the rest.


      EasySkinz - it has never been so easy to have a skin which protects your phone while it keeps its original design.