Black Friday Sale & Contest 2019


1x MacBook Air: Bryan Renz Lingat from Sweden

1x iPad MINI: Kim Sargeant from the UK (picture)

1x iPad 10.2": Ionut Lica from the UK (picture)

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the prizes?

1x MacBook Air (2019)

1x iPad 10.2" (2019)

1x iPad MINI (2019, 5th Gen)

2. In what country the prizes will be purchased?

In the UK, however with an adapter you can charge your new device in any country. All of the prizes will be coming factory unlocked. The adapter will not be included. 

3. How can I enter?

You can enter automatically if you place an order and spend at least £20 (British Pound Sterling or the equivalent in another currency) on products at (our official website) between 00:01h Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on 28.11.2019 (Thursday) and 23:59h Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on 08.12.2019 (Monday). If you win, you will be asked to take a picture with your prize and to share it on social networks, as part of this agreement. You can also enter with postal form with no purchase required (information in the Terms & Conditions - HERE)

4. How many skins do I need to purchase to enter draw?

There's no exact amount of skins, but remember - only those who spend above £20 (GBP, British Pound Sterling, excluding shipping charged, but including VAT and taxes) will be included automatically in the draw. If we assume that one skin costs £6.00 with the 50% Black Friday discount, if you buy four you'd be spending £24, which makes your order eligible for the giveaway. Remember - the shipping cost does not count towards the £20 goal.


5. Is this contest open worldwide?

Of course. If you win, we will send your gift to any part of the world. 

6. Is there No Purchase Necessary entry method?

Yes. You can fill the postal form between 00:01h GMT on 28.11.2019 and 23:59h GMT on 08.12.2019 - instructions you will find in the detailed Terms & Conditions - HERE

8. I don't use internet and prefer to send my free entry via post, is this possible?

Of course. Please, send your first name, last name, country and telephone number to: Black Friday 2019 Contest, EasySkinz, PO BOX: 725, FAREHAM, PO14 9QR, United Kingdom and obtain a proof of posting from your post office, showing the exact date of the posting. 

9. When will a winner be drawn?

On 16.12.2019 and we will announce it on our social media platforms and here, on this page, but only when we get a confirmation from the winners and receive their addresses and contact details. EasySkinz reserves the right to choose the winners after 16.12.2019, if we still receive postal forms after 08.12.2019 or for any other reason, including, but not limited to technical issues. 

10. How are you choosing a winner?

Each order has unique order number. We will use the order numbers with spending above £20 (excluding Shipping charges). Furthermore, we will assign unique numbers to all entries received on paper. Then we will use a software to choose randomly 3 people - 1 for each of the stated awards.

11. Who is organising this giveaway?

EasySkinz Limited (UK)

12. How can I get in touch with your company?

Simply check our "Contact us" page, or for even more details our "Terms and Conditions page", all published on ; We encourage you to use email: which is monitored daily and you will response from our dedicated team as soon as possible (in working days only). 

13. Can I check the full Terms and Conditions of this contest? 

Yes, of course. Please, follow this link:

Thank you for your time!

Your ES team!